Robot Uprising Trailer

Commercial, Drone, Trailer

This was magnificent! We got to produce a trailer video for Helsinki Think Company‘s Robot Uprising hackathon. The team at Think Company had come up with a brilliant background story and we got to develop it into a trailer. The story is set in future where super developed AI is stored into small companion robots that were hidden just before a terrorist attack hit a facility where the AI was developed. Therefore the small robots are the only place where the AI is still left and the contest for the hackathon was to build the robots to survive an obstacle course and escape the ruins of the factory.

Phew. Loved doing this. We tried something new here: we combined Google Earth images with our own drone footage to create a dramatic entrance into the scene of the crime. Juho Kostet from Think Company team created the cgi visuals and we shot the steady cam shots with DJI OSMO.

Robot Uprising Hackathon 25.-27.8!

Robots, Techies and Cyborgs – Unite! The Uprise is Near! Who will emerge from the ruins of Dwergar headquarders? In the fight for power take a stand and show no

Geplaatst door Helsinki Think Company op dinsdag 1 augustus 2017

Script: Karri Liikkanen (following Robot Uprising story by Juho Kostet and Jami Valorinta)
Drone footage + edit: Karri Liikkanen
Other footage + edit: Mikko Kananoja
Cgi visuals: Juho Kostet